Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Well, our precious little pomeranian Lillie passed away on Monday, December 4th. It has really hit us hard. She got sick the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. She threw up that afternoon but then started running around playing. So, thinking that dogs just do that sometimes...I assumed that it wasn't a big deal. Well, later that night she threw up again so Wednesday morning we took her to the vet. He gave her two kinds of medicine. When she still wasn't feeling better by Thursday afternoon I called him back. He told me to give her 1/2 teaspoon of water every hour. I did that all night....most of it came back up. Friday we were at the vet's office twice for shots to help with the nausea. For some reason, nothing was helping. Saturday morning he kept her at the office to get her hooked up to iv's because she was getting dehydrated. Monday morning I was there first thing (8am) very excited about possibly bringing her home and she had died at 5:00 that morning. To say I was devastated doesn't even begin to cover it. I have and am still having a hard time with people acting like and saying things like "she was just a dog". I know she was a dog....but we loved her so much. She was very much a member of our family. The kids are doing better but still having crying spells sometimes. It took a week or so for us to even want to be home because she was such a part of our life here. I think I will always miss her kisses and knowing that she would be waiting at the door for me when I came home. We all miss her terribly still and I think we always will...

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