Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ear piercing!

My 7 yr old Madeline has had her ears pierced just a few weeks short of a year. She still will not let me change her earrings! It is so frustrating. She always asks for new earrings but will not let anyone touch her ears. I can just put my hand up by her ear and not even be touching it yet and she starts whining or crying! It is crazy! I told her this morning that she could just wear those earrings for the rest of her life!!! My 2 yr old Taryn wants her ears pierced soooo badly! She asks about it all of the time. One day I heard myself saying to her "when you get a little bigger then we can go get holes in your ears". If you think about that for a sec...that is the weirdest thing to be saying to someone!

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Titanium said...

When I read about TLC's ears, I remembered Shawn & Eric's dad telling Shawn that if God wanted holes in her ears, He'd have put them there. Remember them?

I cannot touch my girls' earlobes.. it makes me feel nauseated... I'm not sure why. Probably an aversion like ALJ's gummy worm thing. The girls have had to change their own earrings from the beginning if they wanted them changed. I had no idea that MDC had been wearing her earrings without changing them for so long! It's kind of funny. :)