Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thirteen Things about Christina

1 When I was born my Mom wanted to name me Chrissie!! Luckily, Dad protested.
2 I grew up Church of Christ and now am baptized Catholic.
3 I was 23 when I married my husband and with that I got 4 stepchildren who all moved in with about shock of my life!!!
4 I am very lucky that my stepchildren are great kids and I love them like my very own. Can't imagine life without them now!
5 I have lived in Texas for almost 11 years.
6 I have only had 3 serious boyfriends and married the third one.
7 My parents are still married and have been for 36 years....very rare these days!
8 I love to make things....cakes, crafts or whatever creative thing I can do.
9 I have this secret passion for taking pictures and love to think that I could be a photographer someday...something I've wanted to do since I was a little girl.
10 I am thinking of signing up for the Susan Komen 3 day walk that's in October.
11 One of my goals this year is to run an entire 5k race....absolutely no walking.
12 My kids and I can spend hours playing UNO Attack!! It's a really fun game!
13 I have about 3 more weeks of working. It will be my first time without an outside job of some kind in 17 years. It's gonna be so weird!

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