Friday, March 03, 2006

The 3 Day walk

I have finally set up my webpage for the 3 day walk.


Julie said...

Okay, I was just reading your blog and all of a sudden MUSIC started blaring out at me!!! That is when I realized that my speakers were hooked up now and were turned up very high. Great song though.

I like your Thursday Thirteen from yesterday, by the way. Those things are fun to read.

: )

Christina said...

I"m glad I could help you figure out that your speakers were hooked up!! I love that video! :)

walking said...

I'm tempted to train for the 3 day walk but I have 2 small children. When do you find those huge chunks of time to train???

Christina said...

Well so far, I'm only walking a couple of hours at a time. I am going to add time gradually each week. Not sure how I'll work it out exactly but my older kids are willing to help because they know how excited I am about doing the walk. I hope you get to do it! Would you be doing the Dallas one?