Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Christina

1 I have had 11 jobs from age 15 to now (32).
2 I have lived in 2 states.
3 Besides the 2 I've lived in, I have been to 9 states.
4 I have brown eyes.
5 I am VERY moody sometimes.
6 I know a lot of people but have one best friend.
7 I love Oprah and Dr. Phil! I think they are both the greatest!
8 I watch 2 soap operas (Passions and Days of Our Lives) when I have a chance.
9 I am about to start training for the 3 day walk for breast cancer.
10 Two people who I try to be like are my Meema and my Mom. They are the greatest women and role models that I will ever know.
11 I have all of the Everybody Loves Raymond seasons on dvd.
12 My favorite show that is still on tv is Grey's Anatomy.
13 A drink that I cannot live without is Diet Mt. Dew.

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Virenda said...

Don't forget to title your post Thursday Thirteen, it helps people to find you. ~wink~

I love me some Dr. Phil (sometimes) and I really like Oprah (who doesn't?)


Patrick Dempsey is dreamy ~sigh~

Diet Mt. Dew will kill you! LOL. Drink Diet Coke instead. (joke)

Titanium said...

My drink of choice is diet dr pepper.

And I've yet to watdch Grey's Anatomy. I need to figure out a reminder system so I won't forget!

Christina said...

Oops...I added the title :)

Grey's Anatomy is the BEST!! Gotta watch it!

Norma said...

Between the kids and the jobs, you've been a busy lady most of your life! Good luck with returning to school. Join in on Monday Memories and tell us why Meema and Mom are such great role models.

My TT is up.