Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bon Jovi

My sister works with a few people who saw Jon Bon Jovi at a restaurant while in Nashville. Let me just say that if I just happened to run into him...there would be no pictures because I would probably be on the floor hyperventilating while he ran out of there!! Anyway, so one girl got her picture taken with him. The other women said that they lost respect for him b/c he grabbed the girls butt as they were taking the picture! Ummmmmm hello?????? First of all, why only one picture? What is wrong with these people? So, I have to say that if I was taking my picture with him and he touched me anywhere, much less my butt, I would faint! I would have to stop and say "could we just take the pic from the back and just keep your hand there"!!!!!! I would have to bring home proof of that or no one would ever believe me.


Julie said...

I am cracking up!!!! That is so funny!!!

Natalie said...

We have an accord - can you believe the photo of the meeting did not survive??!!???