Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Yesterday Madeline came home from school telling me that her ear was hurting. Well, I looked at it and thought it just looked like it had a small bite on the side of it and didn't think much else of it. Well, this morning as I was putting her hair up, I noticed a huge scab on the back of that earring and the entire side of her ear was swollen. After serious struggling, I got the scab off. I couldn't see the back of the earring. I thought it was inside of her ear. So, this afternoon we went to the doctor so she could check it out. She basically said that Madeline wasn't leaving there with the earring in her ear. As soon as Madeline heard this, the very LOUD crying started! After sitting for 30 minutes with numbing cream on the front and back of the ear, it took 4 of us to hold Madeline down for the doctor to take the earring out. She was screaming like I've only heard in a horror movie!! Who knew that an 8 yr old could be so strong! What a horrible experience for both of us (more for her obviously). That was right up there with watching her cry as they wheeled her down the hall to have surgery. What an awful feeling. So, after all of that Madeline now has no earring in and 2 weeks of antiobiotics to take. Yuck! Not a great afternoon to say the least!


Titanium said...

WOW! I bet that was awful. How in the world did it happen?

Christina said...

No idea. It was so strange. One day it was fine and she said it just started hurting at school. The next morning was when it was so swollen with the scab. Today she has 101 fever. Not sure if it's from that or what b/c she's on antibiotics for it.