Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that are on my table (how in the world do we ever eat there???)

1 A hammer I used last night.
2 Paper easter eggs that my daughter and I decorated with glitter yesterday.
3 Other daughters spelling and vocabulary lists for school.
4 Apple scented candle
5 Vanilla scented candle
6 Easter egg candy dish
7 Princess cup with flowers in it that my 3 yr old picked outside this morning.
8 Plastic deer
9 Sunglasses
10 Little people farm toys
11 Digital camera
12 Cell phone
13 Newspaper I carried in this morning.

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Titanium said...

Sounds a lot like my table! Is it hereditary? :)

Christina said...

It must be...except somehow we all got it and Mom didn't. How does that work??? Oh yeah, definitely from Dad, don't you think?

Titanium said...

LOL Have you registered your blog on the Thursday Thirteen blogroll? When you do, you'll be on the list & other TT-ers will come visit your list. :)

Titanium said...

And, yeah... after seeing their table the other night, I KNOW we got it from Dad! Mom just stayed out of his way. He was gathering/organizing for filing taxes.

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Ginger said...

OMG, Askinstoo is HERE too!

My table is always messy - so is my desk.

Christina said...

I'm so glad to know that I"m not the only person who collect stuff on her table! I can't wait to tell my husband!!! :)

Ginger said...

Hey, I bet your hubby does like mine - maybe - I clean the table off to eat and as I'm cleaning it, he's putting more junk on it! Grrrrr

Tim said...

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